How to craft a Dead Raiser in Valheim

Valheim Dead Raiser
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The Dead Raiser isn't the most imaginatively named thing you can add to your arsenal in the Viking afterlife, but it is one of the new magical weapons that was added with the big Mistlands update. Just like the Staff of Embers, you'll need Eitr to power the Dead Raiser, but you'll get your very own Skeleton—or two—to fight alongside you and help defeat any enemies you come across.

You'll need to venture into the Mistlands if you want to craft this magical item, though you'll need a couple of resources you can pick up fairly early on too. So, if you're ready to summon a skelly-friend to help you out, here's how to craft the Dead Raiser in Valheim. 

How to craft a Valheim Dead Raiser 

The Dead Raiser is a magical skull that uses blood magic to summon a skeleton or two to lend you a hand in battle. The resources are relatively easy to get hold of but you'll need to have access to Eitr and be able to refine it if you want to craft this new weapon.

Here's what you need to make a Dead Raiser:

  • 10 Bone Fragments 
  • 16 Refined Eitr
  • Four Skeleton Trophies 

Bone Fragments are found in Burial Chambers in the Black Forest, inside Crypts in the Swamp, and are dropped by Skeleton enemies. My Refined Eitr guide will help you with the new Mistlands resource required, and Skeleton Trophies are rare drops from skeletons. You'll also need a Galdr Table, one of the new Mistlands crafting stations, and our Staff of Embers guide covers what you need to make one.

Whenever you summon a skeleton, you'll lose 40% of your health, so it's best to summon ahead of time, rather than in the heat of battle where you may take damage. You'll also need the Eitr resource which you can gain from various new magical Valheim foods.

You can also upgrade the Dead Raiser to level 2 which allows you to summon two skeletons simultaneously and makes them stronger. Here are the additional materials you'll need to upgrade the Dead Raiser to its current max level: 

  • Five Bone Fragments 
  • Eight Refined Eitr 
  • Two Skeleton Trophies
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