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The Sims 4 E3 trailer reveals September launch date


We've known about the existence of The Sims 4 since last summer and we have some idea of what to expect from the game too, thanks to a nice October preview that promised to imbue your tiny little digital people with "the full weight of emotion." And now, courtesy of an E3 gameplay trailer, we finally know when it's coming.

Sims in The Sims 4 will be "smarter, with big personalities," according to the new gameplay trailer, "who every day collide and connect." Each one will have a story, and while those stories are "yours to tell," a big part of the attraction is clearly not knowing where they'll ultimately end up.

"These are brand new Sims whose traits, emotions and aspirations combine to define more meaningful personalities than you've ever played with before," The Sims 4 Executive Producer Rachel Franklin said. "You decide not only what they look like, but more importantly, who they are. The combination of these new Sims, our powerful new creative tools, and the all-new Gallery add up to the best game we've ever made."

The Sims 4 is currently available for preorder on Origin in a $59.99 Limited Edition and a $69.99 Digital Deluxe Edition . Both versions include the Life of the Party DLC, which I guess is why the standard edition qualifies as a Limited Edition (and for the record, there is no "standard edition"), while the Digital Deluxe also comes with the Up All Night and Awesome Animal Hats DLC, and the soundtrack.

And finally, the reason you're here in the first place: September 2 is the day that The Sims 4 finally springs to live. To find out more, direct your attention to .

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