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Take a scenic tour of San Francisco in the latest of many Watch Dogs 2 trailers

Welcome to San Francisco! It's a playground for tech startups, ranting crazies, and people like Marcus Holloway. Lest you've missed the previous dozen or so trailers, he's the '80s film buff/idealist/hacker/stunt driver/parkour artist/super-soldier at the center of Ubisoft's upcoming Watch Dogs 2

"From Marin to Oakland to Silicon Valley to the City, the neighborhoods and people are as diverse as the activities dotted everywhere in the Bay Area," and there's always something going on. Cars! Boats! Motorcycles! Quads! Counter-culture and free spirits as far as the eye can see! There's only one rule: Tech rules everything. "Tech is power. And with power comes corruption," Holloway intones. "Corporations manipulating data and citizens on a mass scale, making their world better—and ours worse." 

The PC version of Watch Dogs 2 is slated to come out on November 29, two weeks after the console release. Prepare your firewalls accordingly.

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