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Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter ends, "second chance" campaign begins

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

The Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter blew past the magic million mark a couple of days ago, but pledges continued to roll in and ultimately pushed the "co-funding" effort to just over $1.2 million—more than 12 times its original goal. Harebrained Schemes isn't walking away from the money fountain just yet though.

Gamers who weren't able to contribute to the Kickstarter for one reason or another, or somehow managed to not hear about it until right now, can still throw money at the game by preordering through Backerkit. Fewer reward tiers are available but there's still a decent range of prices, running from $15 to $150.

The "second chance" campaign doesn't offer stretch goals, but that's okay because there are no more stretch goals left: The Kickstarter campaign nailed all of them, and then tacked on a separate mini-campaign that will run four to five hours on its own. In fact, Harebrained Schemes effectively admitted that there was nothing left to add when it said that any funds over and above $1 million would be put toward "problems that crop up during production."

The Shadowrun: Hong Kong "second chance" campaign runs until March 13.

Andy Chalk
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