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Rift open beta kicks off today


The slick inter-dimensional MMO Rift is about to throw open its gates anyone wants to give the game a go. A six day beta is about to launch. Read on for details of how to get in, and to see a spectacular new trailer showing one of the game's dynamic portal attacks in action.

The six day open beta starts today. Head over to the Rift beta sign-up page to grab a beta key. You'll have to create a Trion account, and then download the client. Once that's done you'll be able to dive straight into the world and check out Rift's most novel features, including a levelling system that revolves around equipable souls, three of which can be used in combination at any time to create a highly customisable build.

We've been playing in Rift's recent closed beta events. Find out what we think of the game so far in our Rift preview . Head over to the official Rift site for more information. Pre-ordering the game will get you access to the head start period on February 24. The game's due out on March 1. Check out the trailer below for some Rift warfare.

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