Pre-order Rift and get bonus items in Team Fortress 2

Rift hat - ohgod get it off

It's impossible to predict who Valve will collaborate with next to make new items for Team Fortress 2. If you pre-order the inter-dimensional MMO, Rift, through Steam, you'll unlock two new weapons in TF2. Valve are also adding a new achievement to TF2 which, once earned, will give you a code that can be used to unlock a truly horrifying new hat in Rift.

Everyone who pre-orders Rift on Steam before March 1 will get two new weapons in TF2. The first is the Sharpened Volcano Fragment for the Pyro, which looks just how you'd imagine from the name, and will have the same stats as the Axtinguisher. The other item is a new melee weapon for the Scout. It's called Sun-On-A-Stick, which would be accurate if suns had huge black spikes coming out of them. It'll have the same stats as the Boston Basher.

The new Team Fortress 2 achievement will be called Riftwalker. Once complete it will give you a code that can be applied to your Trion account to unlock the Well Spun Hat in Rift. This doesn't confer any special effects, other than looking utterly horrifying. See the image above for reference. For more information on Rift, check out our recent preview , and the official Rift site. The extra TF2 items are only available to players who pre-order through Steam. You'll find pictures of the new items below.

Tom Senior

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