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PC Gamer US Podcast 239 - The Ocular Debate

What size is the human eyeball? Why aren't scientific measurements listed in American so we can understand them? What animal should always wear goggles? These questions, along with everything you wanted to know about PAX can be answered in the next 76 minutes of your life if you listen to this podcast. Don't tell me that you're not curious why a man was giving out diamonds to playtesters; what we thought of the great Houdini of PC gaming (Duke Nukem Forever), Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad and Torchlight 2 after playing them on the floor; what the most popular game was; and everything else that we saw, experienced, and even hope to forget about this year's fanfest in Seattle. You want to know; we want to tell you. So stop reading this and crank up the podcast.

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