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PC Gamer Hardware Awards: What is the best gaming mouse of 2020?

PC Gamer Hardware Awards
(Image credit: Logitech)

There are those who would take a gamepad over mouse and keyboard combo any day. It may be necessary for their hacking and slashing agenda, and there's certainly merit to using literally anything else over a mouse and keyboard for driving games. But if you want to exhibit any level of accuracy, a responsive gaming mouse is the best piece of kit in your arsenal to land those winning headshots. It's 

This year has seen an explosion of 'esports' branded gaming mice coming out, whatever that really means. As such, the latest trend has seen companies fighting for the crown of lightest gaming mouse, while DPI figures have also been steadily climbing to reach unnecessarily astronomical heights. I mean, how many dots per inch do we need, really? Chill out guys.

Anyway, here are the nominees for this years best gaming mouse. While these nominations may not be perfect for everyone's grip style, they each have something  special to offer—be it heaps of customization like the Naga Pro, or cheap, sleek, ambidextrous chops like that of Logitech's G203.

Best Gaming Mouse 2020: the nominees

Best Gaming Mouse 2020 nominee

Logitech G203
One of the most affordable big brand gaming mice around today, the G203 does the bare minimum and does it in style. It's sleek, it's light, and it's certainly one for smaller hands. But into that tiny shell, it manages to pack a more than capable 8,000 DPI, and sports enough buttons for the standard FPS player, though it may be unacceptable to an MMO enthusiast. Still, you can't argue at such impeccable quality for that price—plus, you still even get tri-zone Lightsync RGB.

Best Gaming Mouse 2020 nominee

Razer Naga Pro
The Naga Pro comes with three interchangeable panels, each with a different number of programmable buttons—one for every occasion. While it doesn't follow the feather-weight trend, it makes up for its 117g with excellent battery life, extreme speeds, pinpoint accuracy, and boatloads of comfort. Unfortunately you do have to put up with that edgy Razer style, and Razer Synapse software which aren't to everyone's tastes. Plus there's a bit of a hefty price tag, especially if you want a dock charger for it.

Best Gaming Mouse 2020 nominee

Razer DeathAdder Pro V2
A little more reserved than the Naga Pro, but just as nippy with a 20k sensor. The DeathAdder Pro V2 manages to marry its no-frills 6 button setup, and simple ergonomics with the flawless tracking Razer prides itself on. It's not the lightest, stepping in to the ring at 2.9oz, but it sure packs a punch. Don't punch it back, though, because the buttons are a little flimsy. Still, it's big enough for larger hands, unlike the G203, but does come with a much mightier price tag.

New Year's Eve is the unveiling for the winner of each category, so check then to find out which of these nominee bagged Best Gaming Mouse of 2020. And while you wait, feel free to browse our list of best gaming mice so far, to get an idea of which of these might take the crown as queen of the gaming rodents.

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