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Mighty No. 9 launch trailer and first development documentary are out

The Mega Man-esque Mighty No. 9 will make its long-awaited debut tomorrow, and that means it's time for a launch trailer. The video is, to my eye, not terribly different from the Masterclass trailer released last month, minus the baffling insult to anime fans. It does manage to thumb the collective eyeball of people named Vernon, however. 

I can only think of two people named Vernon off the top of my head: Former MLB outfielder Vernon Wells, and tough guy actor Vernon Wells. Funny how that works out, eh? I suppose Verne Troyer is also a Vernon, technically, but he's clearly trying to avoid the connection so I won't push the matter. 

Anyway, getting back to the trailer. What do you think? It seems very sparse to me—there's not much going on, and the graphics are really flat and uninteresting—but a trailer is no way to judge a game. And who knows? Maybe it plays like a champ. (Maybe not, too.)

With the release of the game in the offing, the developers also put out what is either the first or the second part of the Development Documentary that was promised as part of its $3.85 million Kickstarter campaign. (The video description refers to it as "episode 1" and the blog post calls it the second part, thus my confusion.) Whichever it is, this part of the doc was recorded in spring 2014, and promises “a great look into how Inafune and the staff approached the development of Mighty No. 9.” Comments on the YouTube page, perhaps tellingly, are disabled.

Andy Chalk
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