Mighty No. 9 trailer promises to make bad guys "cry like an anime fan on prom night"

The new Mighty No. 9 trailer, entitled Masterclass, is all about the ninth Mighty's special abilities: his dashes, his combo moves, and his absorption boosts. The narrator is certainly excited about it. Are you? 

I ask because not everyone is. Kotaku, for instance, notes the irony of the line “make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night” in an ad for a game in which you literally play as an anime character, and a lot of YouTube commenters don't seem to disagree. It's possible that the marketing department was going for a proper retro vibe for the retro-styled game—you know, something along the lines of this (or this, or this, or... this?)—but the cringe isn't actually ironic if it's played straight througout. 

I'm not always a great judge of these things, though, and so I leave it to you: Is this, in fact, an awesome thing that is awesome? Or are you getting a slightly off-key vibe from it? 

Either way, Mighty No. 9, barring delays, will be out on June 21.

Andy Chalk

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