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Friday the 13th trailer is a musical montage of murder

I'd missed the news that acclaimed special effects artist Tom Savini was doing work for the new Friday the 13th game, and even now I'm struggling to fathom it, as he's most famous for creating realistic death effects and gore, using actual physical make-up rather than computer trickery. A quick look at the official site reveals that he's executive producing and working on the cinematography, but a new trailer confirms that he's also designing some of the horrible murders Jason Voorhees will be committing in the multiplayer-focused survival game.

Because it's 2016, this is a particularly 1980s trailer, replete with flickering VHS effects and an authentic rock soundtrack necessitating a denim jacket/jeans combo to fully enjoy. But if any series has earned the right to '80s nostalgia, it's this one.

Friday the 13th is on track for release sometime this October.