Fortnite update: The latest patch notes

Fortnite update
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Fortnite updates almost every week, and it's a pretty good game, from what we hear. That said, Fortnite patch notes release more often than Windows updates, so it's tough to keep up with what's new on the battle royale battlefield. Below you'll find the latest Fortnite patch notes detailing what's new, what's leaving, and what weapons and items are getting nerfed or buffed, and a ton more. Plus, patch notes for Fortnite Creative Mode.

Fortnite Patch Notes v9.40

What's new?

Tactical Shotgun - Epic & Legendary
The Tac is back in an all new form. Drop in and try out the Epic and Legendary variants now!

Tactical Shotgun - Fortnite

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Weapons and Items

New Epic and Legendary Tactical Shotgun

  • 83 / 87 maximum damage.
  • 1.5 shots per second.
  • Holds 8 shells.
  • Headshot multiplier of 2.25.
  • Available from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, Loot Carriers, and Vending Machines.

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle now has reduced zoom while scoped.

This is a Quality of Life change to help improve the usability and feel of this weapon.

Combat Shotgun changes

  • Reduced Headshot multiplier from 1.7 to 1.5.
  • Reduced the long range effectiveness of the Combat Shotgun
  • Reduced the falloff curve ranges from: 
  • 2.44 tiles (unchanged)
  • 4.88 tiles to 4.39 tiles.
  • 9.77 tiles to 6.84 tiles.
  • 19.53 tiles to 11.72 tiles.
  • After observing recent changes to damage falloff, we decided to further reduce its long range effectiveness and alter the curve to fall a bit more in line with other shotguns but still retain its unique flavor. 


  • Suppressed Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle 
  • Epic and Legendary variants.


  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle 
  • Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants. 

Bug Fixes

  • Drum Shotgun now has the correct environmental damage falloff.
  • Fixed a bug in which a Launch Pad couldn’t be destroyed by a pickaxe.


  • Picking up an item that fills a stack and creates an overflow will no longer result in the currently equipped item being dropped.
  • Instead of causing the currently equipped weapon to be dropped, the overflow will be dropped.
  • Players will now automatically pick up a consumable if it is already in their inventory and not maxed out.
  • If the auto pickup fills a stack, the overflow will be dropped.
  • A new Glider and Harvesting Tool have been added for Save the World Founder's Pack owners.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue involving Supply Drone Boxes not being visible after players shoot down the Supply Drone.
  • Supply Drones no longer remain stationary after getting stuck for too long.
  • Changed Invert “Aircraft Keyboard Controls” to “Invert Airborne Keyboard Controls” in the Options menu to reflect the fact that airborne land vehicles’ controls become inverted in the air.
  • Fixed some edge cases involving damage number display rounding down for some shotgun hits.
  • Blueprint doors now consistently render when players are building.
  • Players can now pick up items more easily when standing on top of them.
  • Foot controllers now properly allow players to rotate the next and previous weapon.
  • Bushes no longer block players from being healed by a Chug Splash.
  • If a player using a Shadow Bomb enters a vehicle, the Shadow Bomb effect will no longer remain active after the effect should have ended.
  • The Chug Splash now properly auto-sorts to the rightmost inventory slot when picked up, like other consumables.
  • Fixed an issue in which players would experience abnormally slow gliding after using a Rift-to-Go.
  • Consumables associated with a bar (Shield Potion, Med Kit, etc.) are now consistently usable by players riding a Zipline. 
  • Fixed a rare issue involving Shadow Bombs not allowing for wall jumps at certain angles.
  • Players can no longer wall jump off of the corn fields while using a Shadow Bomb.
  • Players can no longer wall jump off of Slipstreams while using a Shadow Bomb.
  • Fixed an issue in which the rings for Fortbytes 4, 67, 70, and 89 would not appear even though the player was wearing the correct cosmetic.
  • To prevent players from exploiting the Deep Dab emote, it now has a delay before players are able to shoot after starting it. 
  • Fixed an issue in which damage done to shields was causing the VFX to appear larger than normal, blocking players’ vision.
  • Foot Controller support improvements
  • Switched over to use dead zone and max throttle end points. 
  • Better vehicle controls for Quad Crasher.


New Tournament: Xbox Cup (July 20th & 21st) [$1,000,000 in Cash Prizes!]

Solo Game Mode

This tournament is open to all players on Xbox One and does not require reaching any division in Arena.

The prize pool will be distributed across all server regions, with official rules and details released later this week.  Check the tournament inside the game client for exact times.


July 20th - Round One: All Eligible Players

July 21st - Round Two: Top 3000 Players from Round One

New Tournament: Trios Cash Cup (July 21st) [$1,000,000 in Cash Prizes!]

Trios Game Mode

Participation in this event requires players to have reached Champion League in Arena play prior to the start of the event.

The prize pool will be distributed across all server regions, with official rules and details released later this week.  Check the tournament inside the game client for exact times.


Single Day Tournament - July 21st

Round One: All Eligible Players

Round Two: Top 150 teams from Round One

Players can now choose a flag to display on their career profile.

This flag can be selected and changed from a player’s profile.

After changing or selecting their flag, players cannot change flags again for 30 days.

A player’s flag is visible to others when visiting a player’s profile and on tournament leaderboards.

For teams of two or more players, the flag chosen by the majority of the team will be displayed. If there is no majority, the globe flag will be displayed.

We are launching with an initial set of 37 total flags. Any additional flags added in the future will be announced in future updates.


  • Improved server performance of Zipline.
  • Improved client performance of Chug Jug.
  • Optimized the way pickaxes are spawned to reduce the chance of loading issues during the initial skydive landing.


  • Improved enemy footstep volume consistency, and changed volume falloff to logarithmic to make the sound diminish more naturally. 
  • Decreased volume of a few sounds:
  • Chug Splash explosion.
  • Proximity Launcher explosion.
  • Ambient hum of the Slipstream platforms.
  • Added a wall impact audio layer for close quarters combat as an additional warning that an enemy is shooting a structure you’re on the opposite side of.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Wood/stone/metal bullet impacts are no longer silent on Mobile/Switch.
  • Revolver equip sound is no longer silent on Mobile/Switch.


Escape Menu & Social Panel updates:

  • The input action that would bring up either the Escape Menu or Social Panel will now bring up both of them in the lobby and while in a match.
  • A third tab has been added to the Social Panel. It contains all voice chat-related functionalities.
  • The Escape Menu and Top Bar received a visual update.

Creative Mode Patch Notes

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What's new?

Kevin’s Floating Island
Build a floating fortress on a new island! Kevin is back.

(Image credit: Fortnite)

Ball Spawner
Play ball! Add physics-based balls to your world to create a whole slew of new game types and player interactions.

(Image credit: Fortnite)

More Channels To Triggers & Receivers
The number of channels for Triggers & Receivers have been increased so you can automate even more mayhem in your maps.

(Image credit: Fortnite)


Bug Fixes
Published islands no longer rotate 180 degrees on the mini-map causing the lighting to be inconsistent.


  • Updated My Island settings
  • Added new option to Environment Damage
  • Player Built Only - during a game, players can damage player-built structures (wood, stone, metal) which have been built during map creation while in a game.
  • Added Building Damage option
  • Determines who has the ability to damage player-built structures built during a game. 
  • All, Self Built, Team Built, Enemy Built, Enemy & Self Built, None (Default: All)
  • Added new options to Max Resources
  • 10,000,  50,000, 99,999

Bug Fixes

  • Player-built structures can be edited prior to placing when Environment Damage settings are active.
  • Players will no longer experience jump fatigue when the Jump Fatigue setting is set to Off.
  • Unmanned vehicles will no longer phase through objects.

Known Issue

  • Coins collected during a game do not appear while in Create mode during the same Creative session.
  • The coins remain interactable and appear in subsequent game starts.

Weapons and Items

Prefabs & Galleries

Added the Kevin Crater to the Air Vent Gallery.

Added Ice Cream to the Consumables Gallery.

Added the Soccer Goal to the Sports Gallery.

Added the Pizza Pete Picture Frame and Wood Shavings to the No Collision Gallery.

Added an additional tree to the Haunted Hills Nature Gallery.

Added Blue Counters to the Diners Prop Gallery.

Added more Ground Floors to Grass & Dirt Galleries A & B.

Added more Sidewalks to Street Gallery B.

Bug Fixes

Castle Banners can once again be destroyed while Environment Damage is OFF.

Fixed the trash bag from clipping through the Paradise Palms steps.

Bushes in the Indestructible Gallery are no longer destroyed by player building.

Health bar no longer appears when copying the Bush in the Desert Nature Gallery.

The Pueblo Trio Prefab now has the correct grid placement.

The Kevin Cube Gallery now has two different Cube versions.

Replaced some ceiling tiles in the Mega Mall Prefab.

Fixed Cliff Gallery assets which were auto-destroying themselves when exiting the Phone.

Prefab Grenades now explode on impact instead of bouncing.


  • Increased the number of available Trigger channels to 24 and the number of available Receivers to 30.
  • Added Ball Spawner device.
  • Spawns a ball with physics properties.
  • Size: Sets the size of the ball being spawned.
  • Small, Medium, Large, Super (Default: Medium)
  • Type: Sets the physical properties of the ball.
  • Default, Light, Heavy, Slick, Sport.
  • Player Force Multiplier: Determines how much force the player will apply when hitting the ball.
  • None, Low, Medium, High (Default: Medium)
  • Player Knockback Amount: Determines how much force will be applied to the player when they are hit by the ball.
  • None, Low, Medium, High (Default: None)
  • Respawn Delay: Determines how long the device will wait before spawning a new ball after the previous one has been destroyed.
  • None, 0.5 seconds, 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 5 seconds (Default 3 seconds)
  • Gravity: Determines whether the ball is affected by gravity.
  • Off, On (Default: On)
  • Eliminate Player When Touched: Controls whether a player is eliminated when the ball touches them.
  • Off, On (Default: Off)
  • Added Prop-O-Matic Manager device.
  • Controls Prop-O-Matic behavior and Prop Hunt game and UI settings.
  • Show Props Remaining: Yes, No
  • Prop Ping Frequency: Determines the length of time between forced audio pings from players hidden as props.
  • Off, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds (Default: 15 seconds)
  • Add new options to Player Spawn Device.
  • Enabled During Phase: Determines when the device is active. 
  • Disabled, Enabled, Warm-Up Only, Gameplay Only (Default: Enabled)
  • Added Receivers to Disable and Enable the device.
  • Added new options to the Explosive Device - the following options apply only to Badge style Health Bars.
  • Team Visibility: Determines which teams can see the device’s Health Bar.
  • Any, 1-16, All Hostile, All Neutral, All Friendly (Default: Any)
  • Friendly Icon Text: Determines the text that is displayed on the Health Bar if the device is considered friendly. 
  • Neutral Icon Text: Determines the text that is displayed on the Health Bar if the device is considered neutral. 
  • Enemy Icon Text: Determines the text that is displayed on the Health Bar if the device is considered a hostile. 
  • HUD Text Size: Determines the size of the Icon Text/Health Value displayed.
  • 1x, 1.5x, 2x (Default: 1x)
  • Added new option to Capture Area Device.
  • Player Capture Item Filter: Determines whether a player requires the registered item in their inventory to be able to score points by standing in the Capture Area.
  • On, Off (Default: Off)
  • Only relevant when Player Capture is On.
  • Added option to Enable/Disable the Ground Fog particle effect.
  • Changed the default option for Grant on Respawn in the Team Settings Device to OFF so that by default it will not remove all items from a player’s inventory when they respawn.

Bug Fixes

  • Applying settings to a Player Spawn device no longer prevents players from spawning on the plate properly. 
  • The Mounted Turret device won’t destroy the attached floor after a game, which would sometimes cause mass island destruction when the Turret was on a floor piece providing critical structural support.
  • Objects will no longer disappear when returning to the Hub then going back into an island.
  • Fixed issues with the Beacon Device:
  • Beacon now hides correctly during pre-game phase if set to Gameplay Only.
  • Beacon now hides correctly after game end.
  • Objective Devices set to Team 16 will now destroy other Objective Devices within their blast radius.
  • Fixed a number of issues associated with the Prop-O-Matic.
  • Prop orientation for the disguised player should now match the orientation seen by other players.
  • Players can no longer turn into floating islands using the Prop-O-Matic.
  • Switching weapons while an object is highlighted with the Prop-O-Matic no longer causes the object to remain highlighted after the switch.
  • The ‘Exit’ UI prompt will now be displayed while in prop mode.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect button prompts would be shown when disguised in Fly Mode on mobile devices.
  • Correct health values will be displayed when transforming into certain props.
  • Disguised players will remain visible if their prop was destroyed by an Explosive Device.
  • Bush consumable no longer remains visible when a player transforms into a prop.
  • The ‘Lock in Place’ button prompt no longer appears as ‘Unbound’ on consoles and mobile.
  • Players can no longer transform into the Target Dummy Track or Vehicle Spawner devices with the Prop-O-Matic.
  • The Prop-O-Matic now has the correct number of rarity stars.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile devices where the Phone Tool UI would appear when a disguised player was hit by a Boogie Bomb.
  • Players can transform into large props from any viewpoint.
  • Uneven terrain no longer prevents players from changing into certain props.
  • Fixed an issue where players would jitter while standing near the Creative Hub Rift while disguised as a prop.

UI and Social

Added descriptions to Ignore Team for Damage and Ignore Team for Proximity options on the Explosive Device to clarify how they affect team affiliation for HUD purposes.

Bug Fixes

Spawns Left will display correctly on scoreboard.

Fixed "Number of Hiders" Prop Hunt UI showing up outside of games.

Fixed typo in 'Allow Items to be Dropped' setting in Game Settings tab.

Fixed text error in Requires Line of Sight descriptions in Beacon Device and Explosive Device.