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The Fortnite Season 3 battle pass lets you build your own umbrella, meet Aquaman

Fortnite Season 3 just hit, and as assuredly as the earth spins and I bleed, there's a new battle pass just brimming with nonsensical cosmetics to earn. Check out the battle pass trailer above for the rundown, but we'll highlight the goodest of the good-good below.

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First up is the customizable umbrella. Like last season's customizable skin, you'll likely unlock certain umbrella parts through challenges, building out a something that won't only stop rain from bopping you on the head but will also prevent your friends form speaking to you again because damn, that's one ugly umbrella. 

(Image credit: Epic Games)

My favorite skin is probably Kit. I mean, it's a cat piloting a robot. I hate that I'm a sucker for this kinda thing too. Check out the rest of the Fortnite Season 3 skins if you're curious. Some big winners and losers as always. 

(Image credit: Epic Games)

This season's a big one, folks. Fortnite Season 3's map is completely changed, submerged beneath the ocean, while the (unofficial) Fortnite Season 3 patch notes bring back some dreaded weapons like the P-90 and beloved ones like the hunting rifle. Also: you can water ski behind sharks? You can water ski behind sharks.  

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