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Where to dance at different holiday trees in Fortnite

fortnite holiday trees
(Image credit: Epic Games)
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(Image credit: Epic Games)

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Fortnite Season 5's winter event, Snowdown, is here, bringing new holiday-themed skins, a couple of new weapons, and some limited-time modes. Players who've been enjoying Season 5 also now have a whole new batch of holiday challenges to complete, and one of the more challenging quests asks you to dance at different holiday trees. This is a pretty common challenge around Christmas time, and it's not too hard once you know where to look.

That's where we can help. Here's where to dance at different holiday trees in Fornite:

Holiday tree locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Holiday tree location 1: In Craggy Cliff's town square.
Holiday tree location 2: The barn by Pizza Pit northeast of the desert.
Holiday tree location 3: Pleasant Park, in the center of town.
Holiday tree location 4: West side of Salty Towers.
Holiday tree location 5: North side of Holly Hedges.

In other recent Fortnite news, the new limited-time mode, Spy Within, is basically Among Us. The game also got a new performance setting recently, which helps it run smoother on low-end hardware. It's worth a try if you're struggling with framerates.