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Exit the Gungeon will release for PC 'early this year'

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Released exclusively for Apple Arcade last year, Exit the Gungeon is a spin-off of the beloved Enter the Gungeon. Basically, rather than delving downwards through increasingly dangerous dungeons, in the spin-off you're climbing upwards (usually via a hurtling elevator) in order to escape. The biggest difference is that the spin-off is viewed from a side-on perspective, rather than the original game's top-down perspective.

Studio Dodge Roll Games has announced that the spin-off will release "on PC and consoles early this year". The exact date probably depends on Apple's exclusivity rights, but if it's six months, expect it to release in mid March.

Exit the Gungeon was co-developed by Dodge Roll Games and Singlecore Games (Dungeon Warfare). It's a roguelite like its predecessor, but expect shorter runs and a more breezy pace. Check out the trailer below for a better idea of what to expect.

Shaun Prescott
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