Enter the Gungeon is getting a 'dungeon climber' spin-off

Exit the Gungeon takes the dungeon crawling of Enter the Gungeon and sticks it on an elevator, which sounds a bit stressful. It's another frantic bullet hell romp, but you and your constantly changing gun will need to escape the titular Gungeon by travelling up, shooting your way through elevator shafts and shifting rooms. 

Unfortunately, while Enter the Gungeon launched on consoles and PC, its spin-off will debut on Apple Arcade first. Apple's new game streaming service, announced yesterday, will offer more than 100 "new and exclusive" games when it launches on September 19, though the list does include things that are still launching on other platforms as planned, like Overland. 

It's just launching on Apple Arcade first, however, and may appear on PC at a later date. No other platforms have been announced so far. 

While Apple's competition is Google Play Pass, plenty of games launch on both mobile and PC, so we should expect to get hit in the crossfire a few more times as they fight over exclusives. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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