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Don't Starve Together trailer shows haunting multiplayer, meaty effigies

We already knew that Klei's beautifully illustrated survival game Don't Starve would be getting a multiplayer component this summer, but we hadn't yet seen a glimmer of it in action. If you think I'm leading up to a new trailer showing the new multiplayer mode in action...well, you're dead right. The following prototype footage reveals that it involves ghosts and meat-based effigies, just like my fourteenth birthday.

Admittedly we don't see a lot of cooperative play in the following video, but rather what happens when a player is made dead during multiplayer shenanigans. It seems they'll turn into a ghost, who will have to make do with attempting to haunt trees, charcoal and the like, before possessing a "meat effigy" and transforming back into a living person. Don't worry: you'll be able to chat with your chums while in spirit form, and basically pester them as they go about trying not to follow your example.

Don't Starve Together will be integrated into the main game when it releases later this summer, meaning it will be free for existing owners, and that the price of game will increase for people wishing to purchase it afterwards. There will be advance playtests sometime before release. (Ta, PCGamesN .)