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Celeste Classic 2: Lani's Trek is a free sequel to the original PICO-8 platformer

Lani gains a new item, a grappling hook!
(Image credit: Extremely OK Games)

Unfortunately, 2018 platformer Celeste probably isn't be getting a full-fledged sequel anytime soon. But Celeste Classic, the free PICO-8 game that started it all, was given an equally priceless follow-up this week in the form of Celeste Classic 2 (AKA Celeste 2: Lani’s Trek).

Released on the day of Celeste's third anniversary, developers Maddy Thorson, Noel Berry and Lena Raine cobbled together a sequel to the brutally simple platformer in just three days.

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Celeste is a staggering evolution of Celeste Classic's simple mechanics, stretching Madeline's jumping and dashing to terrifying extremes. Lani's Trek, meanwhile, introduces a new character who uses a grappling hook instead of an air-dash. While it gives her the same kind of lateral air control, Lani can't use her hook to climb upwards, though the hook can pull her horizontally far further than Madeline ever could.

It's still bloody hard, mind. But if you've rinsed Celeste's mountain of B-sides and DLC, Lani's Trek is a neat alternative for exploring more of the same kind of precision platforming challenges from a new angle. How long 'til we see someone beat Celeste 2 with a dance mat, do you think?

Celeste Classic 2 is free to play on Itch, either through your browser or as a PICO-8 download.