Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 will feature a Celeste run with dance pads

Celese DLC Maddy
(Image credit: Matt Makes Games)

The full schedule of games featured during the next Awesome Games Done Quick event, taking place from January 3 to 10 is out, and above all others, an entry by streamer PeekingBoo has caught my attention. Because PeekingBoo doesn't just speedrun games, oh no—he speedruns them using his feet. On a DDR dance pad. 

I tend to only to watch GDQ when I can tell what sort of skill is involved in being the very quickest. As such, my gaming interests line up with a relatively small number of the games on display. I'm not very good at Celeste using my hands, let alone my feet, but PeekingBoo doesn't even stop there—he proposes to beat the C-Sides, Celeste's most difficult levels, in 20 minutes, using his aforementioned feet. In fact, dance pad speedrunning is something he does pretty regularly, as I was delighted to find out via his Twitch channel

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Of course we can expect many other GDQ highlights, among them an all-weapons run of Hades, the game of the hour (and possibly the year), and all-goals-and-golds 20-minute run of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2. Since AGDQ is still some ways away, you may be interested in the new Fleet Fatales event, an all-women speedrunning event on November 15 to 21 fundraising for the Malala Fund. Fleet Fatales itself will feature a 10-minute Hades run, among others. You can find the full game lists for both events on the official GDQ website