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Build of the week: a PC for ants

Every Monday, Build of the Week highlights a unique rig from the web’s most dedicated PC building communities.   

Seeing that we're saving most of the spotlight for showcasing our latest contribution to PC modding in the Large Pixel Collider, there isn't much room for another beautiful custom mod in Build of the Week. Luckily, we found a PC that fits the bill, in that it's literally tiny.

Check out Blue Dash, an itty-bitty PC built as part of the Cooler Master Mini Mod competition, and it stands out as one of the few that actually functions. Sure, that tiny monitor, wittle keyboard, and adorable mouse don't function, but as the video above demonstrates, it can plug into human-sized peripherals and boot Windows without breaking a teensy-weensy sweat.

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The ant-sized build was put together by Oz Modz, a creator based in Australia using an Intel Compute Stick as the 'components' of the PC. Sure, it's not a modern gaming PC, but it doesn't matter if something can run Crysis if it can reduce a grown human to a pile of sentient goo only capable of shouting synonyms for 'small' and 'cute' forever more. 

For more from Oz Modz, check out their Facebook page, YouTube channel, or official website

James Davenport
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