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Batman: Arkham Knight players get two obscure costumes as a festive gift

Batman's having a bad suit day.
(Image credit: Rocksteady)
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Rocksteady's Batman trilogy came to an end in 2015, with the sometimes-excellent Batman: Arkham Knight (our review suggested Batman should have left his car in the cave, and I concur). Though the game launched in an absolute state on PC, to the extent it had to be pulled from Steam, most issues were long-ago fixed and I had no problems when playing it a year or so after release.

The game eventually received a bunch of DLC, including some great expansions that allowed you to play as members of the supporting Batcast, along with dozens and dozens of different Batsuits. Two of those were previously pretty obscure, having been linked to players who had completed the game and connected to a WBPlay account. WBPlay seems to have been a badly thought-through service, inasmuch as it causes problems with online content in games which aren't even that old. Anyway: Rocksteady has now released both of these skins to all players.

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Yes they are ugly! Zur En Arrh Batman might look like a bad Robin cosplayer, but in fact he's an alien Batman that Grant Morrison later retconned into being a backup personality. Not my favourite Batman run of all time, that. The gaudy colours are apparently because, unlike standard shadow-dwelling Batman, he likes a ruck.

Batman zurr

Zur-En-Arrh in all his clashing glory. (Image credit: DC Comics)

With Anime Batman, the clue's in the title weebs, but what on Earth is going on with that collar. These boys look like they belong on a catwalk, not Gotham.

Rocksteady's current project is a Suicide Squad game, set for release in 2022. It'll be 4-player co-op, you'll go around blowing away DC's classic superheroes, and here's everything we know.