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Everything we know about Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League - Harley Quinn standing with a bat over her shoulder
(Image credit: Warner Bros, Rocksteady)

Excited to learn more about Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League? It's fair to say that if you're a DC fan, there are a couple of big games to look forward to in the not too distant future. Announced all the way back at the DC Fandome presentation in 2020, we've got two major DC games still on the way. Gotham Knights (opens in new tab) will be following the Bat Family after Batman's death, while Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will have us tagging along villains who also may want Bats dead. It's hard being Bruce Wayne.

Kill The Justice League is still a little while away after a delay landed it in 2023. We've still got some interview, trailers, and info to look at though, and it looks as action packed as any of Rocksteady's previous DC games. So, let's cover everything we know so far about Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

When is the Suicide Squad release date?

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League was delayed in early 2022 and Rocksteady announced it'll release sometime in 2023 (opens in new tab). We're still waiting for a specific date, however the developers have announced at least a Spring launch window. 

Kill The Justice League was originally announced for 2022, while WB's other DC game Gotham Knights was planned for 2021. Knights was delayed to October 2022 and seems to be on track for release (opens in new tab) then.

Here are the Suicide Squad trailers we've seen so far

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

The first cinematic teaser trailer (opens in new tab) for Suicide Squad peppers in a decent amount of background on the dynamics of the gang, the terms of Task Force X, and the villains of the game. As you can guess, the villains are the protagonists in this story and the usual heroes are the villains instead. 

The second trailer (opens in new tab) still doesn't feature any gameplay. It's a story trailer that hints at a lot of Arkham game callbacks. You can spot King Shark putting on the bowler hat the Riddler wore in Arkham City and Harley Quinn firing Batman's grapnel gun. Poison Ivy and Penguin appear to both be along for this story as well. Aside from that, trailer two mostly recaps the story setup we'd seen originally: the Justice League has gone rogue somehow and our band of four villains is out to kill them under the direction of Amanda Waller.

Finally, at The Game Awards we saw a gameplay trailer (opens in new tab). Some pretty brutal attacks—King Shark just bites a guy's head off—were combined with slick movement as the characters fought running battles across the rooftops of Metropolis. The mid-fight barks sound a little awkward, though.

What is Kill The Justice League's gameplay like?

In an interview following the reveal trailer (opens in new tab), Rocksteady creative director Sefton Hill says that Kill The Justice League is a hybrid between their prior Arkham games and some "powerful, awesome gunplay."

Rocksteady's Hill also references weapons that you'll develop over the course of the game, which may refer to a system for upgrading or customizing each villain's signature weapons.

Rocksteady has also confirmed that Metropolis is an open world. Hill calls it the "fifth character" of the game, the way that they approached Gotham in past games. 

What's the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League story?

Kill The Justice League is part of the Arkhamverse, meaning it carries forward the story of Arkham Knight. Batman's out of the picture (but don't get this confused with Gotham Knights (opens in new tab)) and the story is picking up in Metropolis instead of Gotham. 

We don't know much about what's going on in Metropolis from the reveal trailer, but it seems to be quite a mess. To top it off, it looks like Superman's gone rogue. Based on the game's title, he's probably not the only one.

During the trailer, the Squad gets tactical directions from their boss, task force founder Amanda Waller. If you're not familiar with the Suicide Squad already, their incentive to stay in line, and in the line of fire, are deadly nano-bombs injected into their heads when Waller conscripts them into the crew.

Which characters are on the Suicide Squad?

(Image credit: Warner Bros, Rocksteady)

Officially known as Task Force X, the Suicide Squad sends dangerous super villain convicts on equally dangerous missions in return for reduced prison sentences. The government black-ops squad has had a number of members in the DC extended universe. Kill The Justice League will star four of the bunch: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang.

 Harley Quinn 

(Image credit: Rocksteady)

Harley is as bombastic as ever in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. From the footage we've seen, she'll use her acrobatics to grapple through the city's architecture while firing light guns, before getting up-close and personal with her bat and ball. Wait that's not a ball, that's a bomb she's shoved into an enemy's mouth. I'm always getting those mixed up.  


(Image credit: Rocksteady)

As the name suggests, Deadshot is pretty good at shooting. His specialty is guns at long range but as the trailers show, he also has a backpack that he can use to glide above enemies to get to better vantage points for his kit. Sniping enemies off one-by-one while jetting from rooftop to rooftop looks, frankly, badass.  

King Shark 

(Image credit: Rocksteady)

King Shark is the brawler of the bunch but also has a minigun for good measure. I'd prefer to take the minigun though, rather than King Shark getting his hands on me and ripping my head off with his teeth. Just personal preference. As for his movement, King Shark can super jump and then hit the ground with enough force to damage enemies around him in a shockwave.  

Captain Boomerang 

Captain Boomerang

(Image credit: Rocksteady)

Boomerang is in his name, but the Captain also likes a gun or two too. Deadshot performs well from afar but Captain Boomerang seems to prefer a shotgun or a pistol in his arsenal. Additionally, he has his own teleportation abilities where he can make small aerial jumps by seemingly throwing his boomerang where he intends to go. Oh and he's great at beefing with the Justice League. Like really good at getting them to fight the team when they're looking for one by recording videos being mean to The Flash. That sort of thing.  

The villains and wider cast

(Image credit: Warner Bros, Rocksteady)

The set up for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is kind of apparent. You're playing as the Squad and you're out to kill the Justice League. They've not suddenly become the bad guys, though, they're under the influence of big-bad Brainiac who is controlling their actions. From the info we've had so far, we've seen part of the fight against The Flash, but we can expect to encounter other DC characters such as Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Penguin, Lex Luthor, and Superman. Batman's Batmobile has also been spotted in trailers and, given Rocksteady's history, I'm sure he'll pop up somewhere.  

Suicide Squad's campaign can be singleplayer or co-op

The Suicide Squad works as a unit but you as a player can work alone if you choose. Rocksteady says that if you choose to play solo, the other three members of the squad will be handled by AI playing alongside you. You can pick a favorite team member to stick with, but you're also free to hop into the shoes of any team member at any time.

If you want to have friends drop in, they can take on the role of the other squad members for a total of four players in co-op. Rocksteady says that it's a seamless experience, meaning you can have friends join or drop out as needed and won't be forced to commit to solo or co-op during the campaign. 

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