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Serial Cleaners shows off the trouser hoover

Serial Cleaners is the imminent sequel to 2017's Serial Cleaner, a game that essentially lets you play as the Wolf from Pulp Fiction. You go into bloody crime scenes, avoid the cops crawling all over them, and remove the evidence so that no-one gets fingered.

A new gameplay trailer at today's Guerilla Collective showed off some of the sneaky sneaking you'll be doing, as well as the game's gorgeous and slightly washed-out aesthetic, which gives me vague memories of Disco Elysium. The difference here of course is that, when you're out of sight, the character whips a hoover out of his pants and starts getting rid of all the blood. Which is just very funny.

The sequel's set in the 90s (the original had a big 70s vibe), and stars a crew of cleaners with their own skillsets: the character shown in the trailer is all about chopping up bodies and the aforementioned trouser hoover.

Serial Cleaners will be out later this year on Epic, Steam and GOG.

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Rich Stanton

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