Twitch Prime subscribers get free FIFA 19 packs in July and August

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Last month, Twitch Prime subscribers got a free exclusive Legend and weapon skin for Apex Legends, with more coming in July and August. This month—as of today—they can also claim two free FIFA 19 packs based on the FIFA Ultimate Team "Futties" special event that offers special reward packs, voting on "FUT Favorites," and the return of the best players from FIFA Ultimate Team 19.

The first pack will include one player with a rating of 86 or higher, and three rare gold player items, while the second, which will be available in August, will have a player of 87 OVR or higher, and two rare gold player items. Non-Prime subscribers can take advantage of the freebie through the usual free trial offer, but it can only be claimed on one platform, so if you play on both PC and consoles, be sure to log in through your linked Twitch and EA accounts with the platform you want it on.

Twitch Prime, which also offers ad-free viewing, free channel subscriptions, and various giveaways of games and in-game content, is included with Amazon Prime, which goes for $13 per month or $120 per year. And speaking of Amazon, the two-day cavalcade of bargoons called Prime Day is just about upon us: It runs July 15-16 this year, and as always we'll be rounding up the best that we see on our Amazon Prime Day PC deals page.

Andy Chalk

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