Tomb Raider reboot will make PC gamers "very, very happy"

These tidings come from Edge's Tomb Raider interview with art director Brian Horton, who says the PC version of the game, scheduled to arrive alongside its console brethren in March, has been specially crafted for the platform to deliver all the extra graphical sparkle that the discerning desktop player will demand.

"We spent a lot of time making sure that the standard here is good enough for someone who's only ever experienced Tomb Raider on PC," says Horton, shifting uneasily beneath the unblinking compound-eye of the Edge Hive Brain. "We have dedicated people making sure the PC game feels just like console ones, but at the same time takes the best advantage of the format. We'll have things like being able to have higher-resolution textures— There's a lot of details I can't go into right now, but the PC version will definitely make those who have a powerful gaming PC very, very happy."

Publisher Square Enix have established some form here with the deluxe treatments of Sleeping Dogs and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, so Horton's words are both promising and credible. That said, I'm not sure whether feeling "just like console" is something to aspire to on a PC - but presumably Horton isn't talking about control, so much as achieving a parity of performance across all platforms, while delivering a whole load extra on the one that can stump up the processor cycles.

You can read the rest of the Tomb Raider interview over at Edge.