Tom Clancy's The Division gets new story trailer revealed at Ubisoft E3 event

Ubisoft showed off new footage from Tom Clancy's The Division at E3 today. As opposed to the gameplay we saw earlier today at the Microsoft event, this trailer dove deep into the human stories that lie behind the broken buildings in the New York post-apocalypse.

Told through a stop-motion timelapse detailing the days and weeks following the release of the game's plot-driving virus. As a the world falls deeper into chaos, the story trailer shows members of the Division, civilian militia trained to secure the city on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, stepping in to stop some bad business.

The fact is, there's very little of this trailer that will translate directly into aspects of gameplay, but it's an interesting look at the tone and environment nonetheless. To see more details about how the game will actually play—as long as your co-op partners are well-rehearsed professionals, anyway—check out the gameplay trailer posted earlier today.

The Division was revealed last year and slated for release in early 2014, but it was pushed back to 2015 a couple of months ago.

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