Titanfall 2 headed to Origin Access at the beginning of August

A Titanfall 2 trial is available to everyone for free this weekend, but those with Origin Access subscriptions will soon be able to enjoy the entirety of the excellent first-person shooter as much as they like. The free weekend trial lasts until July 30, while the full game hits Origin Access on August 1. 

The release date comes after we learned that both Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 would make their way to Origin Access sometime by September 1. We still don't have a date for Battlefield 1, but we'll be sure to report back when it's revealed.

Origin Access works somewhat like a Netflix for video games: EA offers a selection of games, which includes EA games like Dead Space, Mass Effect, and Star Wars Battlefront, in addition to non-EA published titles like Rebel Galaxy, Oxenfree, and The Banner Saga. It costs $5/£4 a month, and you can the full list of games here.

All of this comes soon after Titanfall 2 received a new cooperative horde mode. As with all of Titanfall 2's DLC (except for microtransactions and certain cosmetic items), it's completely free to all players.

Titanfall 2 received a glowing review from PC Gamer's Chris Thursten, who said it's "a game that takes some of the most familiar vocabulary in this hobby—run, jump, shoot, spaceship, robot, alien dog—and finds ways to surprise you with each."