This year's most delightful open world adventure is coming to Steam in March

Tropical archipelago adventure Tchia is soul jumping to Steam in March next year, and will be bringing with it a bunch of new features and cosmetics in a free update.

As revealed during the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted, the Steam version of Tchia will launch with a new perks system for outfits, adding various special powers to the game’s equipable items—think environmental resistances, stamina boosts and other stat buffs. Elsewhere, new cosmetic accessories will be hidden about, so you’ll be able to sail the Pacific shores while looking dashing in a top hat.

Tchia’s ukulele will also get a tune-up. A bunch more soul melodies will be added, including a tune that allows you to launch a powerful energy blast, and another that throws you through the sky so you can perform some sick mid-air tricks.

Tchia drew a lot of praise when it launched on PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive earlier this year, hitting a smooth one million sales only a month and a half after release. Inspired by the geography and cultures of the South Pacific island New Caledonia, it’s something of a sandbox, handing you a lush archipelago to jump, glide, and sail around, in between occasionally immolating pesky little cloth monsters.

Many were particularly smitten with its soul jumping—a novel traversal ability that allows you to leap into and control almost any animal or inanimate object you fancy.

“The more I do it the more fun it becomes,” Chris Livingston said in his Tchia review where he gave it a very impressive 90% score. “I've been a deer that can thunder across the island much faster than any human, I've been dogs (they're useful to possess when I need to dig something up) and chickens (I can lay an egg, turn back into myself, and pop the egg in my backpack), and even a cow—you can make them poop out explosive turds, good for blowing things up.”

Tchia is only the second game released by indie studio Awaceb and is currently nominated in the "Games For Impact" category in The Game Awards 2023.