This weird Sims 4 cheat lets you build toilets the size of houses


I might have had more fun making gigantic gnomes in The Sims 4 than actually playing the game, at least so far, and right now you can do the same. In what acts like a cheat but seems like a bug (a forgotten debug command?), you can press Shift and ] to grow almost any item you are holding in build mode to a seemingly limitless size. So we decided to push it as far as it could go and capture the results in a video—gnomes, toilets, computers, we made it all huge.

We heard about this via a tweet from LazyGameReviews , and quickly learned that the feature has a few problems. The game is stable, but if an item is large enough, your sims basically won't be able to move. Also, leaving your lot and then re-entering it will automatically sell any placed items the larger one is overlapping. We don't know yet if Maxis plans to remove the command, so if you want a porcelain titan in your town, better try it now.

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