The best Sims 4 custom content for gorgeous Sims and homes

Sims 4 CC - A sim with blonde and pink hair plaing a computer game next to a boom arm microphone with a pink bedroom.
(Image credit: Maxis, with CC by AHarris00Britney, ZWHSims, Max20, Pierisim, DarkNighTt)

No matter how many expansions I own, Sims 4 CC is always where I turn to add exactly the new outfit or kitchen cabinets that my Sims need. As a life sim, the options are pretty literally endless for possible styles and décor, and fans are constantly making their own custom content sets to fill in the gaps between official game packs. 

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Sims CC has a lengthy history, and now that The Sims 4 has been out for the majority of a decade, there are hundreds of creators and thousands of creations to add to your own game. Now that the base game is free-to-play, all the more reason to load up on excellent free CC too.

There's more great CC out there than I could ever showcase, but for now I can help you get started with some of my favorite content sets for stylish décor, city street fashion, retro hair choices, and more. After weeks of hunting, it's the very best Sims 4 CC I've found.

Once you find a few creators you like, you'll know where to start your hunt for your next big CC spree. Installing Sims 4 CC is incredibly easy, which we go over below. Just don't get so carried away on your CC shopping haul that you forget to actually turn on your game and enjoy playing with it all. Not that I've ever made that mistake, ever, I promise.

I've picked some personal favorites for this list, but every one of the CC creators represented here is extremely prolific. If you like the look of a set, I've included links to creators' archives of downloads so you can find even more excellent custom content to install. Many CC creators offer downloads through their blogs or Patreon pages. I've highlighted free to download CC here, but be aware that some creators offer first access to their CC to monthly Patrons.

Best new Sims 4 CC

You'll find some all-time favorites down below, but if you're in the mood for something new here are some hot new Sims 4 CC packs from great creators as of autumn 2023:

  • Sheabuttyr's locs collection - Sheabuttyr has revamped an entire collection of 90 dreadlock styles with tons of variant options, including some very cute bun styles.
  • Throwback Collection - This large CC pack by ZWHsims and Daxnger includes a '50s diner set, '80s kitchen, and '90s teen bedroom.
  • Felixandre's Chateau shelves - This is actually part of of Felix's very glamorous Chateau collection but it's the bookshelves that finally sold me. I never feel like I have enough choices in the base game and these modular options go from pauper to princely with those library ladders.

Sims 4 CC Hair & Makeup

(Image credit: Maxis, with CC by PralineSims, Greenllamas, JohnnySims, Nucrests, and pose by Ratboysims.)

Sheabuttyr's braid collection


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: Sheabuttyr's Patreon

Sheabuttyr has dozens of fantastic hairstyles for Black women that fit right into The Sims 4. The braids collection is particularly lovely, with 41 total styles and variants in the pack and lots of swatch options. Find more on Sheabuttyr's blog, and don't miss the afro and twists collections either.

AHarris00Britney's hairs 


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: AH00B's Blog

AHarris00Britney is another prolific hair creator focused mostly on women's hairstyles. They're individual downloads, so it may take a while to collect everything you like, but it's well worth the time. There's just about anything you'd need for straight or curly, short or long hair.

Ebonix's hairs 


Style: Alpha | Download from: Ebonix's Patreon

EbonixSims has you taken care of with realistic hairstyles for Black women and men and kids too. The women's Kenya braids here are a personal favorite, with the multiple clip swatches on top of the hair color options. Don't miss out on all the years of other hairs, clothing, nails, and accessories on Ebonix's blog

JohnnySims' Men's Season 


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: Johnny's Patreon

Finding Sims 4 male hair CC can feel impossible, let alone Maxis Match style, let alone as a collection. Johnny's male Sim hairs are consistently great, with modern styles, fun '90s throwbacks, and more. The Men's Season collection is a great starting point and you can find a lot more on Johnny's blog

Nightcrawler's hairs 


Style: Alpha | Download from: The Sims Resource

Long time Sims CC creator Nightcrawler has so many sleek Sims 4 alpha CC hairs to choose from. You'll mostly find super shiny, fine-haired women's styles, with the occasional men's style.

PralineSims' skins & makeup 


Style: Alpha | Download from: Praline's Patreon

PralineSims is a staple of the Sims CC scene, and for good reason. There's years of Praline content to pick from but the Sunflower skin is newest, with a more matte look than some past choices. Don't miss all the rest of the makeup, eyes, and eyebrow picks on Praline's blog

Simstrouble's retro hairs 


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: Simstrouble's Patreon

Many of Simstrouble's hairstyles are actually pretty timeless, but they often showcase them with gold jewelry and sweaters that scream '70s. Think big, long waves and chunky headbands for ladies and lots of chin-length cuts for the men. You can scroll through all the options over on Simstrouble's blog

Sims 4 CC Clothes

(Image credit: Maxis, with CC by Greenllamas, Aanhamdan93, Belaoallure, Seoulsoul, Jius-Sims, PralineSims, and pose by Ratboysims)

Nucrests' casual collections


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: Nucrests' Patreon

It's always tough to dress your Sims in modern casual fashion. All the base game sets just don't feel very now. Nucrests has tons of base game-style basics, from denim to decent tees, that all feel genuinely current. Snag a few sets and your sims will be prepped for daily wear. 

Serenity's Nuage set


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: Serenity's Patreon

There are a lot of other CC clothing sets on Serenity's blog but I'm partial to Nuage which has some wide-leg pants styles and puffy coats. There's lots of layering going on here.

Jius-Sims' shoes 


Style: Alpha | Download from: Jius-Sims' Patreon

If you need the serotonin that only new shoes can provide, download any of Jius' collections. They have flats, pumps, boots, sneakers, even Crocs. Your Sims are covered for every occasion and location. Jius even has a collection with some men's essentials. You can window shop all the many options on Jius-Sims' blog

DarkNighTt's streetwear 


Style: Alpha | Download from: The Sims Resource

Between casual and classy is another missing category of Sims styles: athleisure and street wear. DarkNighTt has an abundance of super realistic styles involving crop tops, leggings, oversized sweaters, and more. They've also got some high fashion looks, which you can find on their TSR archive

Senate's casual punk set


Style: Alpha | Download from: Senate's Patreon

Senate usually angles towards high fashion CC on the Senate Tumblr but this casual set of skirts and dresses was partially inspired by the manga Nana and its punk-adjacent vibe.

Seoulsoul's designer fashion 


Style: Alpha | Download from: Seoulsoul's Patreon

On the even more stylish side are these high fashion looks by Seoulsoul. These Burberry jackets, silk suits, and impractical track wear are all for your Sims who need to look like they're on a runway at all times. You can find even more trendy fashion in Seoulsoul's other Patreon posts.

Greenllamas' Gossip set 


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: Greenllamas' Patreon

Greenllamas has made tons of Maxis Match hairstyles that are worth checking out, but the Gossip set of dark preppy clothing is a great set that comes with two hairstyles and different outfit pieces for male and female Sims. You can find a ton more, including a Bratz doll-inspired set, on Greenllamas' blog

Happylifesims' 1920s styles 


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: Happylifesims' Patreon

If you're looking for something less modern, Happylifesims has created dozens of 1920s-inspired outfits for your sims. There are all sorts of era-appropriate dresses and hats for your female Sims, slacks and suspenders for your male Sims. Check Happylifesims' blog to browse a bunch more.

Belaoallure's street fashion 


Style: Alpha | Download from: Belaoallure's Patreon

If you need a lot more Alpha CC, Belaoallure is absolutely full of designs ranging from high fashion to streetwear to lingerie, and some absolutely left field fashion too. The tshirt dress and harness is a fun casual favorite of mine, but there is oh so much more to browse on Belaoallure's blog

AanHamdan93's hijabs 


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: Aanhamdan93's blog

If you need stylish choices for your hijab-wearing Sims, AanHamdan has so many styles with dozens of swatch choices from solids to patterns. Even better, they're often paired with great CC outfits that won't leave you struggling to pair a hijab with an appropriately-cut top. Don't miss all the other hijab and outfit combos they have to choose from. 

Sims 4 CC furniture & objects

(Image credit: Maxis, with CC by MadameRia)

Harlix's Baysic living collection


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: CurseForge

This Ikea-core furniture set is a collab between Harrie and Felixandre. Even if you're over the aggressively mid-century kitchen designs (I'm not) then don't miss those very sleek wardrobe options. This huge collection includes bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, and dining furniture sets. And there's a Baysic Bathroom addon set that came after too.

Pierisim's Winter Garden 


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: Pierisim's Patreon

The two-part Winter Garden set is laid-back and lovely for making cozy rooms full of plants. Don't miss the customizable throw pillows and blankets on the sofa, or those hanging plants. You can browse all the other super soothing build sets over on Pierisim's blog

Max20's Child Dream Kit 


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: Max20's Patreon

Max20 has several super versatile build mode sets and the kids room pack is particularly cute. There's a classic desk with corkboard, a hanging measuring stick, piggy bank, and other great kid clutter to make their rooms feel more lived in. You can catch more sets on Max20's blog

Harrie's Brownstone collection 


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: Harrie's Patreon

Harrie is another very prolific CC creator and the three-part Brownstone collection is a personal favorite for decorating apartments. It isn't required, but if you have the City Living expansion, the Jasmine Suites and Culpepper Apartments look fantastic with this collection. Find a ton of other sets on Harrie's blog

ZWHSims' super streamer kit 


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: SWHSims' blog

Let's be real, base game Sims 4 leaves a lot to be desired for PC gamers. The default computers are nothing to brag about and desk options aren't much better. SWHSims' streamer kit adds an RGB rig, boom arm mic, an audio mixer, ring light, and desk and shelf set I'm pretty sure I've owned. The geometric bed is pretty darn cool too. 

 Simverses' medieval stuff 


Style: TSM | Download from: Simverses' Blog

If you're one of many clinging to the 2011 spinoff The Sims Medieval, Simverses has all the stuff you need to head back to the past in The Sims 4. For working on a medieval build, you'll pretty much want to just grab, well, everything.  Yup, there are outfits too! 

MadameRia's kitchen basics 


Style: Maxis Match | Download from: MadameRia's Patreon

MadameRia's kitchen set has some really great, basic counters, and even a rolling prep station. But it's the dishware stacks, potholders, hanging spice rack, cereal box, and several other clutter objects that I really needed. There are other great build mode items, and nice set of six women's jeans, all on MadameRia's blog

How to install Sims 4 CC

(Image credit: Electronic Arts, Maxis)

Where is the Sims 4 CC folder?

Here's what you'll need to do to install and play with your Sims 4 CC: 

  • Download CC and unzip compressed folders if applicable.
  • Drag your .package files or an unzipped folder with .package files inside into the Sims 4 "Mods" folder.
  • The Sims 4 mods folder is located at: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods.
  • Start The Sims 4 and open your Options menu. Check "Enable Custom Content and Mods" under Game Options > Other.
  • Restart your game and check the "Mods" popup that appears at startup to be sure the CC you installed is listed.

Remember, The Sims 4 disables Mods and CC every time it updates, so you'll need to re-enable them in the game menu and restart your game after every game update. 

Best sites for Sims 4 CC 

If you're looking to dig for even more custom content beyond the creators and packs we've collected here, you could spend weeks and months scouring the internet for more. Sims 4 CC is genuinely endless, but there are some tried-and-true aggregator blogs and sites we recommend you surf: 

  • Maxis Match CC World - Reblogs tons of MMCC all tagged to help you find what you want.
  • The Sims Resource - Surfing TSR can be really daunting, but starting with featured artists can help you find quality CC quicker.
  • CurseForge - Sims 4 has now officially partnered with a modding site, so you can now download and manage your mods with the Curseforge app instead of manually installing files. 

What are Maxis Match CC and Alpha CC? 

Many Simmers refer to CC as "Alpha CC" and "Maxis Match." Alpha CC is intended to look more realistic, often adding special skin textures, eyes, and realistic clothing or furniture. Maxis Match CC is pretty much what it sounds like: custom content by fans that's designed to match the stylized look of The Sims 4's original content created by Maxis. 

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