This week's highs and lows in PC gaming


Joe Donnelly: Console exclusives still suck
This week, Sony's PlayStation Now service added From Software's PS4-exclusive Bloodborne to its ranks. Which means we can technically play Bloodborne on PC—assuming you're willing to stream the game, vouch for the service's rolling subscription fee (or play for just seven days inside its free trial period), and have a fast enough internet connection to cope. Which is an absolute tease. 

Likewise, Insomniac's Spider-Man is another PS4-exclusive. Our sister site GamesRadar says it's "about as good as superhero gaming gets" and I'm absolutely jealous. It's worth noting that I own a PlayStation 4 console, but I'd much rather play on PC. Give me God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, Spider-Man—the lot—on desktop, please. Give in to my entitled and selfish and unreasonable demands, videogame license people. 

Chris Livingston: Can't do anything a spider can

I too am lamenting the PS4-exclusive Spider-Man. So much so I went looking for some Spidey games to play on PC today just to feel included. It did not go so well. I guess I should probably get a console at some point, and most likely a Switch, but not only am I lazy, I also don't like spending money. Maybe, as the Spider-Man VR experience suggested, I should just watch Homecoming again while making sad 'thwip-thwip' sounds until I finally break down and buy a PS4.

Tyler Wilde: I want to play Call of Duty battle royale

Hell, I dunno. That trailer looks cool, doesn't it? I know trailers are supposed to look cool, and I never would've expected to be excited to try Activision's turn on the bandwagon, but Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode looks dumb and pretty fun. There are gadgets, there are ATVs, there are helicopters. My cynical persona is cracking under the pressure of wanting to play the big publishers' cracks at battle royale.

Tom Senior: Can’t take it with you

I’m off on holiday far away from PCs for the next week or so. What will happen to the Final Fantasy 6 run I started on a total whim this week? RPGs rarely survive a long break, even ones that have a good codex that keeps track of your actions. What will happen to the meagre Battlefield 5 skills I have acquired during the open beta? And what if I fall behind all my Destiny pals and they end up cracking the new raid while I’m abroad?

Luckily a bunch of PC games are migrating to the Nintendo Switch, which means I can carry Hollow Knight and Into the Breach in my coat pocket. There’s always a way to sneak PC games into any situation, even via the odd console port.

Steven Messner: Work is da poop! No more!

I'm back after a two week vacation full of day-drinking and videogame binge sessions. I think my week's low is pretty self-explanatory.

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