This Starfield infinite money glitch works just like Skyrim's

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A Starfield infinite money glitch has appeared, letting you rake in tens of thousands of credits, again and again, without actually earning them. And funnily enough, it's quite similar to an infinite money glitch from another Bethesda RPG, Skyrim, so it's going to feel quite familiar to long-time players.

The glitch comes to use via YouTuber vNivara, who shows us this clever, if convoluted, method to help yourself to huge stashes of vendor credits in the city of New Atlantis. More specifically, you'll be accessing these stashes by creeping around under the city of New Atlantis.

As you can see in vNivara's video below, the strategy involves entering the commercial district of New Atlantis, crossing over the waterfall, then slipping through a gap in the map along a cliffside. Once under the city's geometry, you can work your way back to the vendor's shops, where their loot is stored in chests a few feet below the actual buildings. The biggest haul comes from the ship services technician, whose chest contains a whopping 72,000 credits. And you can rob it more than once.

It's a lot like an old Skyrim infinite money glitch, which let you creep around under Whiterun's map, pilfering money from shopkeepers. Ah, Creation Engine. Never change!

Just follow vNivara's instructions and you too can find yourself skulking through Starfield's crawlspace and filling your pockets:

It's worth nothing you'll need a bit of prep before diving in. First you'll need a boost pack with the "Power Boostpack" mod—as you can see in the video, you have to do a lot of boosting through the phantom zone under the map. You can find that mod attached to some boost packs or add it yourself at a workbench. You'll also want Rank 2 in the Boost Pack Training Skill.

The word "infinite," by the way, only pertains to the amount of money you can make if your patience lasts as long as the credits do. After making your first pass, you can refresh the vendors' credit stashes but you'll need to wait for 48 hours, which means finding a place to sit down and then passing the time, 24 hours worth, twice. But, all good things to those who wait, so if you don't mind cooling your heels for a bit you can drop through the map and rob New Atlantis again and again.

If you're playing on PC, by the way, there are much easier ways to cheat your way into riches. Check out our Starfield console commands guide to learn more.


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