This RTX 2080 gaming PC is $200 off, down to $1,599 for the next few hours

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Miss out on that HP Omen gaming desktop with an RTX 2080? Here is your second chance to claim another fantastic high-end gaming PC at a great discount.

This RGB liquid-cooled CyberpowerPC Gamer Master comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7GHz, a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080, 16GB of DDR4 memory, a 1TB SSD, and on-board WiFi. The motherboard comes with a B450 chipset, which means you can overclock to your heart's content, or at least to a max boost clock of 4.3GHz. All the components are housed in a super sleek black chassis with tempered glass on the side panel, making this one of the classiest looking gaming PCs out there.

This is an Amazon lightning deal that expires at 7PM PST. At the moment, the deal is only 4% claimed, but that can change as the countdown ticks on. If you were waiting to get a gaming PC over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, this could be your last chance.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master GMA1396A | Ryzen 7 2700X | RTX 2080 | $1,599 ($200 off) (opens in new tab)

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master GMA1396A | Ryzen 7 2700X | RTX 2080 | $1,599 ($200 off) (opens in new tab)
This model includes 16GB DDR4 and 1TB SSD. It's a lightning deal, so get it quick! Buy at Amazon (opens in new tab)

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