This month's PC Gamer Club Legendary game is Insurgency

Courtesy of our friends at, where you can find great deals on game keys, this month's PC Gamer Club game is best-selling indie FPS Insurgency. 

This is to celebrate the coming sequel Insurgency: Sandstorm, which launches on December 12. You can pre-order it from Fanatical here, with a 20 percent discount. Pre-ordering Sandstorm gets you instant access to the beta, which is live now through launch.

Insurgency has 90 percent positive reviews on Steam, and comes with both online modes against other players, and offline modes with bots—should you be looking for practice. Across 16 maps, it's got 40 weapons to try out too.

Existing Legendary members should have received keys via email (check your spam folder if it's not obvious). If you're not a member, check out all the benefits of joining here

Besides receiving game keys every month, you'll get an ad-free site, a digital magazine subscription, access to our members-only Discord channel, beta codes whenever we have the opportunity, and much more. Insurgency will be available to members until the end of the month. 

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