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Here's everything you get as part of joining the PC Gamer Club

The PC Gamer Club (opens in new tab) gives you a direct line to PC Gamer's editors, game keys and beta codes, an ad-free site, a digital magazine subscription, and lots more. It's the heart of our community, a great way to meet passionate PC gamers, discover new games (and get free ones!), find co-op partners, and keep up with everything PC gaming—and it costs just five bucks join the Legendary tier which unlocks every benefit.

Here's what you'll get with a PC Gamer Club Legendary subscription right now:

  • A new game key every month.
  • An ad-free website.
  • Surprise giveaways and beta codes. Recently, Club members were able to enter a sweepstakes to win Razer gear (opens in new tab). There are many more to come!
  • A digital subscription to PC Gamer*.
  • A digital download of The Ultimate RPG Handbook.
  • Exclusive Rising Storm 2: Vietnam cosmetics. Check them out here (opens in new tab)!
  • An exclusive Elite Dangerous ship skin (opens in new tab).
  • An exclusive Runescape pet and free trial (opens in new tab), while supplies last.
  • Access to our Discord server, a great place to make friends, talk about the latest PC gaming news, chat with PC Gamer editors, and find multiplayer buddies.
  • Bonus desktop and phone wallpapers featuring an image (opens in new tab) we almost (opens in new tab) never (opens in new tab) use (opens in new tab) on the site.

Standard members get an ad-free site, an invite to the Discord, and a copy of The Ultimate RPG Handbook. And both subscription tiers cost just a few dollars a month: $3.99 for Standard and $4.99 for Legendary.

Plus, we're always on the hunt for beta keys and in-game items to surprise you with, so your Legendary subscription can lead to exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else.

Ready to join? Head to (opens in new tab) to sign up, and read the FAQ (opens in new tab) for details and restrictions. We look forward to winning some chicken dinners with you, and once you're in the Discord server, let Tyler know if you ever want to play a very stupid custom hockey-basketball Rocket League match, because there's a good chance he'll be down.

Hey folks, beloved mascot Coconut Monkey here representing the collective PC Gamer editorial team, who worked together to write this article! PC Gamer is the global authority on PC games—starting in 1993 with the magazine, and then in 2010 with this website you're currently reading. We have writers across the US, UK and Australia, who you can read about here (opens in new tab).