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This $1,599 RTX 3070 Black Friday gaming PC is better than the prebuilt I just bought

abs gaming pc black friday deal
(Image credit: ABS)

As we monitor the deals on gaming PCs this week amid more than a year of GPU shortages, this deal on the ABS Gladiator Gaming PC caught my eye. Available on Newegg, this prebuilt includes an RTX 3070, an Intel i5 11400F, a 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD, and 16GB DDR4 RAM for $1,599.

I'm actually ticked off about this deal. Just one week ago I bought a Lenovo prebuilt that came with an RTX 3060 for pretty much the same price. Now I'm kicking myself, but not too hard. While I lost out on the extra GPU power, at least I got a nicer CPU than the Gladiator's included i5. Still, the 11400F is more than enough to game on: our review called it "one of the best of the latest 11th Gen desktop CPUs." You're definitely getting some mileage out of your $1,599 here, especially considering the 1TB NVMe drive. I'd kill for one of those in my Lenovo.

The 16GB of RAM out of the box is nice too, though that seems to be the standard these days. If you're an FPS fan like me, the biggest games of Fall (including Call of Duty: Vanguard, Battlefield 2042, and Halo Infinite) all recommend 16GB for good performance. Based on my experience with a weaker video card, all of these should run pretty well on the Gladiator (though you may run into some inconsistencies with Battlefield). That 1TB NVMe should take you far, but it'll be stretched thin in a few months if you're installing as many big games as I am. If you're looking to expand its storage quickly, check out our best Black Friday SSD deals hub.

The only thing I don't like about this PC is its tall, ugly case. The ABS case packs three fans prominently on its front grill all lined with LEDs that you can presumably turn off if you don't like. ABS offers a standard 1-year warranty for the rig that covers malfunctions and Newegg offers an additional 3-year coverage plan for an extra $199.


ABS Gladiator Gaming PC| Intel Core i5 11400F | Nvidia RTX 3070 | 16GB RAM | 1TB NVMe SSD | $1,799 $1,599 at Newegg (save $200)
Here's a major discount on a prebuilt gaming PC that was already a good deal. With a stock RTX 3070 and a respectable 11400F CPU packed in there, the ABS Gladiator will run pretty much everything you can throw at it out of the box. It's even better than the PC I just bought for the same price, which is pretty annoying.

If I could turn back time, I probably would've bought a PC like this instead of pulling the trigger early on a prebuilt. What sort of maniac buys a gaming PC two weeks before Black Friday, anyways? In any case, you can consider this deal as a pretty strong one ahead of the buying holiday itself. It might not get much better than a $1,599 RTX 3070.

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