This case will make your PC look like a Mac, if that’s your thing

(Image credit: Dune Case LLC)

Apple's new Mac Pro will set you back $5,999 or more when it launches this fall, but if all you are after is the look, the Dune Pro figures to be a cheaper alternative—presumably, anyway. The Mac Pro lookalike PC case lands on Kickstarter on October 21.

At a glance, the Dune Pro appears nearly identical to the upcoming Mac Pro, save for the Apple logo on the side. It also lacks a swiveling handle to remove the cover. Instead, you tear into the old fashioned way, by ripping off the side panel.

The Dune Pro is made from "precision high grade aluminum" that has been "sandblasted with fine beads" creating a "near perfect anodized surface." So not only does it look like a Mac Pro, but Dune has Apple's marketing hype down pat as well.

"The multipurpose high quality stainless steel frame is not just the foundation, but also the handle and feet," Dune adds.

Inside, users can opt for range of motherboard form factors, including mini ATX, micro ATX, standard ATX, extended ATX, and EEB. It's also constructed to accommodate high-end hardware, such as a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti or Radeon VII, or any GPU up to 380mm long.

There are flexible cooling options as well. The case supports up to a 360mm radiator for users who want to go the liquid cooling route, and has room for up to a 160mm CPU air cooler. For storage, there are five SSD trays and three HDD enclosures.

Dune also plans to offer a "sound dampening accessory" to help with case acoustics, with a dice pattern that more closely matches the Mac Pro. It's not clear how much the accessory will cost.

There's no mention of when the case will actually ship—probably sometime in 2020. In the meantime, you can check out an actual build video with a early sample obtained by PC World.

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