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These are the PC games releasing in April and May

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We're still in a fairly relaxed period for new PC game releases. Delays caused by Covid-19 (and other things) have pushed a number of games to later this year, or all the way into 2022. For example, Civilization-like grand strategy game Humankind was going to release in April, but won't be out till August as the studio works on addressing feedback from beta tests.

There are plenty of reasons to keep our video card drivers updated this April and May, though, with a lot of the bigger stuff coming in May: Resident Evil Village, the remastered Mass Effect trilogy, and Arkane's next game, Deathloop. Not a bad lineup, particularly for those who are partial to singleplayer games. (The Mass Effect games alone could last an easygoing player for a few months.)

Here are the 20 games we're most looking forward to in April and May, followed by a few coming in June and July:


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Outriders (opens in new tab) | April 1
A co-op shooter from the studio that made Bulletstorm. It's gotten a lukewarm reception so far—in his Outriders review-in-progress (opens in new tab), Morgan said he's "waiting for it to get good"—and technical issues have frustrated a number of players. There's a free demo to try, though.

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Oddworld: Soulstorm (opens in new tab) | April 6
Lorne Lanning's long-running Oddworld series (it's been around since the late '90s!) continues with another platformer set in a 2.5D dystopia.

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Cozy Grove (opens in new tab) | April 8
A cute-looking game about camping "on a haunted, ever-changing island." You don't fight the ghosts, though. You become friends with them. Aw.

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First Class Trouble (opens in new tab) (Early Access) | April 8
This is one of those party games where player roles are hidden—some are secretly killer robots. Looks like it could be fun with people you know.

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Say No! More (opens in new tab) | April 9
You're an intern who's fed up with unreasonable requests, so you literally fight by saying "no" to things. We could probably all take a lesson from the Say No! intern.

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Godstrike (opens in new tab) | April 15
A boss rush bullet hell game with "40 unique abilities" to unlock. It's got Twitch integration so viewers can affect the game, which could be neat.

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Rain On Your Parade (opens in new tab) | April 15
You play as a mischievous cloud (made of cardboard for some reason) and it's time to rain on everyone, and sometimes hit them with lightning. Looks charming in the vein of Untitled Goose Game.

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Emily Is Away <3 (opens in new tab) | April 16
Another story told through simulated social media—this one takes place during the early days of Facebook. 

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Nier Replicant (opens in new tab) | April 23
Actually, it's called NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139. Seriously. It's an updated version of the 2010 console game—nice to have it on PC!


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Resident Evil Village (opens in new tab) | May 7
Much has been said about tall, sexy villain Lady Dimitrescu (opens in new tab), but Resident Evil Village isn't just a game for people who want to make public declarations of horniness. It's also for people who like spooky survival horror games. (There's a lot of overlap, though.)

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Hood: Outlaws & Legends (opens in new tab) | May 10
A multiplayer heist game set in a "violent medieval world where ancient mysticism competes with man-made power and corruption." It sounds like a gritty Robin Hood take on Hunt: Showdown.

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Huntdown (opens in new tab) | May 12
Not a compressed version of Hunt: Showdown. This is a 2D arcade shooter with local co-op set in a gang-ruled city of the future.

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GARRUS &lt;3

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (opens in new tab) | May 14
The original BioWare sci-fi RPG trilogy, remastered. I'm most looking forward to replaying Mass Effect 1, as it's the game that should benefit the most from the upgrade.

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Subnautica: Below Zero (opens in new tab) | May 14
The follow up to one of our favorite singleplayer survival experiences is leaving Early Access on Steam. Same idea as Subnautica, but this time it's really cold.

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Of Bird and Cage (opens in new tab) | May 20
A story-driven game about a drug-addicted woman escaping her captor. Also, it's a symphonic metal album. Also, it's partially based on Beauty and the Beast, apparently.

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Deathloop (opens in new tab) | May 21
This is the next game from Arkane, the pair of studios known for Arx Fatalis, Dishonored, Prey, and generally keeping the immersive sim alive. It's about dueling assassins caught in a time loop, which sounds like a pretty cool premise. We've got high hopes.

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Knockout City (opens in new tab) | May 21
A dodgeball-like game where teams huck rubber balls at each other. It's decently fun (opens in new tab), but will it stand out enough to keep the servers full? 

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Finally here

Biomutant (opens in new tab) | May 25
An open world martial arts RPG starring a mutating animal who can develop DNA quirks such as "Turtleform" and "Mucus Bubble." This one has been in development since 2015, and we're curious to see how it turned out.

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Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (opens in new tab) | May 25
Another Atlus RPG comes to PC, this one from 2003. It's been given "remastered" 3D models and backgrounds, English and Japanese VO, and other new features for this release.

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Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector (opens in new tab) | TBD May
Another Warhammer game? For the personal computer? Couldn't be! (This one is a turn-based strategy game.)

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