Telltale teaser possibly hints at more The Walking Dead

Telltale are the latest developer to suffer a company-wide failure of all video recording software. It's a good thing we have the iOS app Vine: those few seconds of shaky-cam footage it enables are definitely a suitable replacement for proper gaming promotion. But what game are they promoting? The short teaser features an art style reminiscent of last year's The Walking Dead, and depicts a pinned photograph of a man named Vince.

The teaser was tweeted by Telltale with the message, "Day 2". Wait, what happened to Day 1?!

There are two main possibilities as to what it could refer to:

  1. It's possibly a lead up to further information about The Wolf Among Us, Telltale's new adventure based on the Fables comic. It's the less likely explanation, but previously revealed screenshots do show a similar art style to that used by The Walking Dead:

  1. The most likely explanation: we'll soon be hearing more about the follow up to Season 1 of The Walking Dead. We already know, via a slightly confused interview reveal , that Season 2 is set for later this year, and that Telltale were planning some extra content in the interim . In addition, at the start of the Vine, you can see what looks like an evacuation notice, which would fit with the zombie infection vibe.

Any guesses as to what Day 2 could be?

Phil Savage

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