The Sims 4 is getting bunk beds at long last

The Sims 4 children climbing and sitting on a bunk bed
(Image credit: Maxis)

After what feels like an eternity, Maxis is finally bringing bunk beds to The Sims 4, along with some unknown trait improvements.

The Sims team teased bunk beds a couple of weeks ago, tweeting a not-so-subtle silhouette of the furniture. Bunk beds originally made an appearance in The Sims 3: Generations Expansion Pack, and players have been begging for their return in The Sims 4 since the game's release in 2014. There are a ton of mods and custom content out there that try to make bunk beds, but usually with unintended wacky animations or visual bugs.

It might seem wild having people get worked up over something like bunk beds, but The Sims 4 has had a severe lack of family-oriented gameplay options for years now—toddlers weren't even in the game at launch and babies are literally objects you can place in your world from debug.

There are also some cryptic "trait improvements" mentioned in the tweet, though it doesn't go any further about what those could be. One potential change could be the removal of the 'vegetarian' trait, instead making diet options a separate choice. Traits have been watered-down massively in The Sims 4, usually only providing small mood boosts or decline, so hopefully, these changes will give your Sims a bit more personality than they do right now.

The free update goes live tomorrow (March 23) at 10 am PT/5 pm GMT.


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