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The Razer Viper Ultimate wireless is finally only $70 with this Black Friday gaming mouse deal

Razer Viper Ultimate wireless mouse with a "Black Friday Deals" banner
(Image credit: Razer)

Here's a Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse deal that you genuinely won't want to miss if you're in the market for a new mouse. This competitive gaming mouse is currently nearly half off for just $69.99 at GameStop and also on Amazon.

The Razer Viper Ultimate has gone on sale at Amazon a few times in the past year, but this is the first time we've seen it hit the sub $70 mark. This is for the mouse-only package, mind. GameStop also has the mouse and charging dock combo on sale for $40 off at a total of $89.99. That isn't quite as good a deal as the mouse only, though either way you're getting a competitive choice off our best wireless gaming mouse list.

According to our Razer Viper Ultimate review from 2019, one of the few drawbacks to this wireless mouse was its high price. Without that to contend with, you're getting one of the best 20k sensors we've seen, rivaling a wired mouse for responsiveness. It's now competitive on price and performance.

Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate | Wireless | Ambidextrous | 20K sensor | $129.99 $69.99 at GameStop (save $60)
The Razer Viper Ultimate is a great wireless gaming mouse, especially for competitive gamers. It's quick, nimble, and it's a decent shape for most hands. GameStop is offering a good deal on either just the mouse or a mouse and charging dock combo. 

Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate | Wireless | Ambidextrous | 20K sensor | $129.99 $69.99 at Amazon (save $60)
You can snag this same deal for the Viper Ultimate through Amazon, though they don't currently have a deal on the mouse and charging dock combo.

We were impressed with how lightweight the Viper Ultimate is and the convenience of being an ambidextrous mouse. Back when we tested it for review, it also had a rather impressive battery life. It lasted an entire work week without needing a charge. "Using it for days on end without having to worry about running out is handy, and it’ll go from 0 to 100% in roughly two hours when you charge it," we said.

That's a good argument for going ahead and snagging a great deal on a great mouse without worrying about the charging dock bundle. If you'll only need to plug in once a week for a couple hours, there's no harm in taking the cheaper package.

At just $69.99, this is a really solid pick from this year's early Black Friday deals.

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