The PC Gamer Weekender 2017 Sega Common Room open to college gaming projects

The PC Gamer Weekender has teamed up with SEGA to offer space for the return of the Common Room—a place where UK university/college gaming projects can be shown off to the public and to professional games industry types. 

Both PC Gamer and Sega think it is important to recognise upcoming developer talent in the world of gaming, and this is an ideal opportunity for anyone with a few project they’ve been tinkering away on to put it out there in front of many, many eyes. 

If you would like to apply for a spot in the Common Room then please email, and include in your application:

  • A working demo of the game you would like to display (does not have to be the game, just proof it exists and enough information to be judged)
  • A small bio for the game you want to enter
  • A bio about yourself
  • Why we should choose you

Successful applications will be required to provide assets to be displayed on our website, which can be screenshots or videos. You will need to provide your own PC setup for the event, but we can provide you with a graphic panel along with display space (a desk and chair!) and, of course, power free of charge. 

It’s an excellent opportunity for the developers of tomorrow to pick up contacts in the industry, to show off their games and to get first-hand feedback from industry veterans. All free of charge. Check the site for more details. 

PC Gamer

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