The Minecraft mob vote isn't even open yet and it feels like there's a winner

Minecraft cartoon animation - two characters stand in a meadow next to two Sniffers - large turtle-shaped creatures with red bodies and moss on their backs
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Debates over which new mob should be added to Minecraft have started earlier than usual this year, and will probably get just as bitter and bloody as ever. But after just a few hours this one is already starting to feel like a landslide because players (and I) have already fixated on the obvious winner.

The annual mob vote is actually taking place next week—in Minecraft's finest tradition, players get to democratically choose a new creature to come to the game in the next year's game update—and Mojang has announced the choices with animated introduction videos on Twitter today.

The Rascal is a sneaky mine dweller who enjoys a bit of hide and seek and will reward players with enchanted items for finding them three times. The Tuff Golem is a tiny golem who will hold an item and sometimes come to life to wander around. The Sniffer is an ancient turtle-like creature who will locate plant seeds and will also bring new (but also ancient) plants to the game.

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I'd assumed that the mob vote options would be announced sometime next week, giving us just a few days to mull them over. This mulling period is even bigger than past years, when Mojang would announce a selection of three creatures about five days ahead of the Minecraft Live livestream and announce winner during the event.

But an entire nine days? That's less of a mulling period and more of a mustering period. There's no way this doesn't turn into a social media bloodbath. 

At least Dream (who notoriously voted for the Glow Squid over the Moobloom in 2020) may be busy after his face reveal earlier this week, but other YouTubers and big-following fans are sure to get their opinions in the mix too. The informal polls from players are already rolling and unless things change, this might be a landslide vote.

And now I will participate in the very campaigning I'm side-eyeing, because I think the Tuff Golem just does not hold a candle to the other choices. Sorry little fella, but statuesque item holders aren't quite as exciting as a creepy mine friend or nice plant turtle thing.

If I were to be extremely impartial: vote for Sniffer.

The Minecraft mob vote actually opens next week on October 14, and the winner will be announced during Minecraft Live on Saturday, October 15.

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