The Lion's Song's fourth and final episode out July 13

Cast your mind back to 2016, and you might remember a little adventure game named The Lion's Song, which released the second of its four chapters at around Christmas time. It's a game about art and science in Europe in the early 20th century, and that wonderfully fresh setting is supported by some lovely pixel art and music. I appear to have missed the launch of episode 3, but here's news that the fourth and final chapter of The Lion's Song will release in a couple of weeks, on July 13.

'Closure' will wrap up the series in the traditional pre-war manner: with a nice old-fashioned, ruddy mysterious train journey.

"Closure will take players on a mysterious [ha!] train journey that connects the storylines of all previous episodes," the announcement post explains. "What stories will the four strangers on that train share along the way, and where will their journey end? Emotions will run high as players make connections with each character, and work to navigate and experience their lives in different ways with different outcomes."

If you're interested in the series, give the first, free episode a try first. And if you're a fan, you'll save a bit of money by buying the season pass.

Tom Sykes

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