The Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod is now live on Steam

Just Cause 3, for some reason, does not support multiplayer shenanigans. That's a shortcoming that the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod team aimed to address, until the wheels came off when its lead developer took a job with Just Cause studio Avalanche. Fortunately, another multiplayer mod, created by another team, continued to push forward, releasing its Nanos JC3:MP mod in January. And now it's available on Steam under the smoother-sounding (and easier to parse) name of Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod

The 1.0 release signals that the mod is complete, but it's not yet finished, as the developers say the next step is to "rebuild the foundation of our client, just as we did with the 0.9.9 release for the server." 

"This way we can ensure that we can deliver future updates faster, but still keep our code base ready for upcoming features," the Nanos team explained in the release announcement. "It also allows us to improve stability even further, as we can reduce crashes and bugs by cleaning up several parts of our client code." 

The 1.0 release on Steam features a new client interface "for a nicer look," and added functionality for better Steam integration including joining and inviting friends to play directly through Steam rather than the separate "masterlist" package the mod used to require. Other, less obvious changes: 

  • Improved File Transfer Performance
  • Added ShowHud, HideHud and IsHudVisible to scripting API
  • Added client side vehicle scripting (see docs for more information)
  • Added functions to interact with a specific WebUIWindow
  • Updated CEF to version 3029
  • SetOccupant now teleports the player if the vehicle is not in streaming range
  • Fixed mouse leave event not working properly
  • Fixed DrawRect not working in 2d render mode
  • Fixed player health getting restored on teleport
  • Fixed player getting invulnerable on teleport
  • Fixed issues in Crash Dialog, address is now displayed correctly
  • Fixed audio files not playing properly in a WebUIWindow
  • Fixed the linux server requiring LD_LIBRARY_PATH=lib to launch
  • Fixed custom properties of player object not getting reset properly on disconnect and getting reused for the next player
  • Fixed several server crashes
  • We have changed the detection of the Just Cause 3 installation to work more reliably. This should help a lot of people, who were not able to find their local Just Cause 3 folder.

"We are always trying to be as transparent with our development as possible and the best way to follow our development is to just take a look at GitLab from time to time," the developers said. "If you think there’s a feature missing in the mod our you’ve encountered a bug, please report it on our issue tracker." 

Andy Chalk

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