The Cyberpunk 2077 launch trailer contains a secret message

The Cyberpunk 2077 launch trailer dropped earlier today—that's it up above, if you haven't seen it already. It's quite good, very cinematic, very dramatic, all very cyber-like—and, in what in hindsight should not come as any kind of surprise, it also contains a secret message.

The message was spotted by our very own in-house cyberpunk James, who managed to capture and share it for all the world to see. There are no huge secrets contained within, but it is a nice little Easter egg for fans eager to finally get their hands on the game. 

The closest thing to a tease is the promise of future expansions, which CD Projekt said will be informed by its work on the outstanding Witcher 3 DLCs Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine.

"Our planned expansions will take you even deeper into the world of Cyberpunk 207, offering substantial, story-driven content that'll give you tough choices to make through impactful narratives that you won't soon forget," the message says. 

"But before we get there, we'll first be kicking off our free DLC program in early 2021. Just like with The Witcher 3, expect an assortment of free DLC packs to begin hitting Night City, dropping a bunch of cool stuff that'll inject even more life into the world of the dark future."

(Image credit: CD Projekt)

As for why this shouldn't come as a surprise, it's happened at least twice previously: Once in the very first Cyberpunk 2077 trailer that kicked all of this off in 2013, and then again in 2018. If you want to sleuth it out for yourself (with a little help from us), this message can be seen at the 2:09 mark in the video.

Cyberpunk 2077 is set to arrive on December 10, just two days from now—you can find the exact unlock time for your region here. We've also got a review, and a deeper dive into the game's presently rough technical state.

Andy Chalk

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