Hidden Cyberpunk 2077 trailer message teases "other project," full reveal on February 5

A message hidden in yesterday's Cyberpunk 2077 trailer hints at a big reveal for an unnanounced CD Projekt Red game on February 5. The text, screengrabbed and transcribed by Redditor, hotweels258 , suggests that this "other project" is "much closer to being completed" than Cyberpunk, which is scheduled for a blurry date that looks like it could be 2015/2016. Like Cyberpunk 2077, this other project is a "fully open-world game with an intense story"

"You can probably guess the game we're talking about," they add. If it's not The Witcher 3 I'll eat my headset.

The text pops up at 2:14 into the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer if you want to sleuth it out yourself. The message also mentions that CD Projekt Red are still hiring developers for Cyberpunk through the careers@cdprojectred.com email address.

Like most expensive CGI trailers, the Cyberpunk trailer gave us a a good whiff of what the world will be like, but no indication of what it'll be like to play. The secret message says that it will be a "story-heavy, nonlinear, open world RPG." For more news on Cyberpunk, keep an eye on CD Projekt Red's development blog .

For those with eye augmentation, or for anyone who enjoys squinting really hard, here's that trailer message:

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