The Corsair MM800 RGB mousepad is on sale

You probably already know whether you're the kind of person who'd want to buy an RGB mouse pad. If your gaming rig is lit up like a Christmas tree but you just need that extra color for your desk, then the Corsair MM800 is our favorite mouse pad for the job. You can get one on Amazon for £45.

The MM800 isn't just about the lights though, as the pad quality itself is worth a look. It has a high quality micro-textured finish for easy mouse gliding, and we think the surface is just as good as our top hard mouse pad, the Logitech G440. You can sync the MM800 with other Corsair products you have to create the ultimate PC light show, and it has a handy USB pass through port.

Of course, you're going to be paying extra for those 15 LEDs, and although £45 is a good discount over the regular price, you can get good mouse pads for a lot cheaper if you're willing to sacrifice the lighting. 

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