Team Fortress 2 Saxxy awards open to public vote

Team Fortress 2 Replay

The Replay Update for Team Fortress 2 recently gave players the ability to record and edit footage of their finest TF2 moments into short films. To celebrate the best community videos, Valve also launched the annual Saxxy Awards , which would judge the best submissions across 20 categories, including Most Inventive Kill, Funniest Replay, Best Midair Murder and Most Epic Fail.

There were over ten thousand entries. To help with the mammoth judging task, Valve have thrown the decision making open to the general public. That's you. To make your voice heard, head over to the new Saxxy Award voting page . It will present you with two videos at a time. All you have to do is vote on which one you think is the best, and move on to the next choice.

The selections are naturally a bit hit and miss, but there are a few comedy examples in there. We've collected a few of the best films we've come across so far below. If you find some good ones, post them in the comments and we'll try to include them in the main post. Happy voting!

Tom Senior

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