Tangiers developer posts hopeful update, teases new in-game footage

Tangiers has had a rough time of it since the surreal stealth game was successfully crowdfunded some three and a half years ago. Besides slipping past its expected due date, two major sources of investment unexpectedly fell through in late 2015 which in turn jeopardised the entire project. Lead developer Alex Harvey explained the grim extent of the situation in an update post last year, however noted he hoped to get things back on track soon. 

He's now posted a heartfelt update on the game's Kickstarter page which details the game's current status and his personal situation, as well as some neat-looking screens and a very cool snippet of footage.

"Work is still underway on the project. I regret and apologise for the dearth of updates, information, communication and presence. I have been very unwell for, well, most of the past year, really," reads the update. "I'll skip on a sob story and finer details, but the stress of pulling the project back together, getting by with minimal funds and of some very difficult life challenges on top of that led to, for all practicalities, a very prolonged breakdown. I've not been able to maintain much functionality, and accordingly I've been doing a rancid job of everything.

"But it's a new year now, so that makes a good a time as any to try and rectify things. I haven't let go of working on the game, though things have moved very slowly indeed. I have got a bit of breathing room now, and we can get to moving things forward a bit more competently."

The following isn't a trailer, Harvey explains, but is more a "proof of existence." I could watch those trees morph into street lamps all day. 

Harvey continues to say that while he is still pursuing funding for Tangiers, getting the demo into backers' hands remains he and his team's top priority. 

While we've not seen all that much of Tangiers since its first trailer a few years back, what has been shown has and continues to look stunning. I do hope, for everyone involved, it's able to get itself back on track.